Customer Comments about Wild Bill

Samuel & Jessica Chairez, 6/24/17
It was amazing! Everything was perfect! Billy was great! I wouldn't have wanted anything done differently and the Spanish music was a hit!
We had so much fun! Thank you guys for everything!!

Wesley & Dana Ward, 5/20/17
The event went well. Billy was super friendly and helpful.
Thanks for a great evening!

Andrew & Tiffany Hicke, 10/15/16
Everything went very well and Billy did an amazing job an I couldn't be happier!!!

Brandon & Skyla Witkowski, 10/1/16
You and Billy were AMAZING! I was a little worried the first few songs as people weren't getting out onto the dance floor, but then something happened and we couldn't get people off! It was absolutely perfect. It was great having you guys play a variety of songs,and I really liked that people could request songs and they would be played right away. Your selection of songs was also very impressive. I wasn't sure if you would have the mother/son song as it isn't popular but everything worked out great. I thought Billy did a really great job as well. He wasn't scared to talk into the microphone and get people's attention, and was clear and understandable. He also did a great job having enthusiasm as the night got a little long. You guys also did a great job with the microphone and sound system being in a different room during dinner. We didn't have a problem with it at all, and you guys were "on your toes" and right there to cut the music when needed. It worked out so smoothly. I was worried how it was going to work with the sound system being in a different room, but you guys took the worry away and made it work out perfectly. The frame you gave us was so nice and beautiful and just a nice touch. It really shows just how much your company cares about the service you give and wanting to please people. We also appreciate you guys staying later than expected and being flexible with the schedule. I know that I had wanted the dance to start earlier than it did, but we needed the picture with my Granny and it meant a lot that you were willing to be flexible and hold off on speeches until that was taken care of. It was helpful having you there to assist in keeping us on time with things as well. It was also really great that you guys played longer than intended as the dance floor was full.
I can't say enough good things about you, Billy, and High Energy in general. We will absolutely be referring anyone else that may need your services. Thank you again for everything you did. You guys are amazing and you have an amazing company! Thank you again

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