Customer Comments about Wild Bill

Marcus & Karah Radue, 12/30/17
Everything went great at our wedding and Billy did a really nice job the entire night!
We will be happy to recommend High Energy DJs to anyone in the future.

Kevin & Jenalee Fleischman, 10/14/17
Billy is an awesome D.J. for weddings! He was very attentive and kept everyone on the dance floor! We had a great time with him! Everyone kept going up to Billy because he is a fun guy!
So I will be giving great reviews for the overall experience!

Andy & Zoey Waag, 10/7/17
Billy did a great job keeping everyone on the dance floor. We had a great time!
Thanks for everything.

Mike & Leigh Button, 8/26/17
Billy was awesome! He did a great job of reading our crowd and keeping things running smoothly. All our guests had a great time and some that we know to rarely dance at weddings were out on the floor.
We were very happy and Mike's sister Grace Button is looking forward to having High Energy dj her wedding which she has already booked with you for next June.

Matt & Elizabeth Weihert, 8/5/17
Thank you for the follow up. Everything went splendid; the venue, weather, the reverend & especially the DJ performance. Billy did a great job, I think he was more nervous than he should've been about making a great impression. He did well, I can understand fully that performing in front of some family could be stressful, however he rocked it. His personality is a great fit for the work and his professionalism was spot on. He always was checking in with us to make sure everything was good. Thank you for the gift, that is a great momento for us to have of the day. Your contributions and assistance was greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping get the songs which were not readily available. It meant the world to her father. He even gave a speech afterwards.
Thanks for everything, and let me know if there is anything we can contribute to for reviews online that will help bolster the business.

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