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Bob aka DJ Supersize
What Bob has to say: Hi, I am Bob or Hewey or Supersize or Chubsy Wubsy or whatever other name you would like to use to call me. I have been DJing with High Energy on and off for over 10 years. I am married to the most understanding woman in the world, just ask my friends---why she puts up with me only God knows. We have three beautiful girls, Allyson, Cassie and Melanie. Scott tried talking me into DJing for about 3 years after we first started partying together at the Pit Stop. I think he realized he had met his match on the dance floor and the beer chugging contest we had. I really like to party and have a good time, but more importantly I like to make sure everyone around me has a good time also. DJing offers me the opportunity to do just that.

What the owner has to say: Hewey is the best. A very funny guy who can take it and dish it right back. He is a part-time/part-timer, but when he does do shows for us, he gives it everything he's got. It is very important to him that everyone at his show has a great time and he frets about it almost to the point of abnormality. Believe me, this is a good quality; you will enjoy the show when the big boy is in control.

Scott aka
What the owner has to say about himself!! - I originally started DJing to overcome many years of introvertedness that years and years of childhood therapy could not do. I quickly found out that it's not so hard to make a fool of yourself, and it is even easier to make fun of yourself when you do. I have been married to Jenifer since 94 and have three "busy" boys, Ethan, Damon, and Cameron. They are the best, having to put up with my many nights in the office and being gone on weekends. Without their understanding and support, this company most definitely would not be where it is today. I take great pride in making sure your day happens EXACTLY as you wish, and will go the extra mile to do it. I have been careful in hiring my staff to make sure they have the same goal in mind. Thanks for looking into us!!

Scott aka
What Scott has to say: We now interupt this program for some breaking news. Welcome to High Energy's most eligible bachelor. Ok, Ok, back to business. First of all there are still two Scotts within the company. I am the least good lookin of the two. When Rico Suave owns his own company, how can one compete? Even after 6+ years with the company, (20 overall years of experience) I still get confused with him. I hope it is a compliment. I still continue with my campaign promise of total dedication to the customer. I still show up for shows 2-3 hours before the start of the shows, (yes, I am still crazy). Everything should be ready, including the DJ, when the guests arrive. This again is your day, NOT mine. I openly take requests which many DJs do not, but WE DO. Now I may not get to all the requests but I will come very close. If you can dance to it and I have it, and the song is not on the "no play" list from the bride and groom, we should be good to go. Requests can backfire on a DJ so one has to use discretion when taking a request. I love country music but I'm not a "Country Boy". Talk is cheap I know, so ask the boss for a date and time to visit a show of mine to me in action. I look forward to being a part of your special day. Now back to your regular scheduled program!

What the owner has to say: Scott comes to our company with 17 years of experience in Djing. A great guy that is very personable and always has the needs of the client in mind. Scott is one of the most dependable people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. If you need something, anything; Scott is the kind of guy that would drop what he is doing and help you out. It may get confusing having another Scott on the staff, but this Scott is sure glad to have him on our team. A fun guy that you'll be glad you got to know. You can tell by his reviews (click on his name) that he has what it takes to bring the High Energy attitude to your event.

Tim aka
What Tim has to say: I'm an Electrician, I coach Little League, I like biking, hiking, playing and watching sports, traveling, and time with friends and family. DO YOU THINK WE'D BE A MATCH?

What the owner has to say: As you can see ladies, Tim has his personal ad down pat. How about it? Tim started with us in 2007 and has a perfect DJ voice. Tim was quite possibly the most "ready" DJ that I have ever hired. He has a knack for the microphone and great music knowledge. He is extremely personable and both eager and ready to serve you and make your day a special one you'll never forget. Tim is going to be around a long time with High Energy. Oh and ladies, he is working on his baseball career, maybe one of your bridesmaids will "strike it rich"! Haha

Craig aka
What Craig has to say: Craig D the Dance Machine can dance with the devil while making angels blush. Growing up steeped in classic rock and oldies and distilled with club and hip-hop, I can bring a wide range of flavors to entertain the crowd. So kick off those shoes and let loose while Craig D helps guide you through the night’s rituals to the point where you don’t have to give a damn. Dance on!

What the owner has to say: Craig has a unique alias because he does like to dance. Expect Craig to get out and have fun with your guests and fit right into your party like a nice comfy pair of blue jeans. Craig has entrenched himself as an irreplaceable asset to High Energy since starting his career with us in late 2009. Crowds rave at how much energy he brings to the party and is just a real fun guy to hang around. His BIO picture tells the story!! As one of our top requested DJs, Craig will deliver the perfect balance of angelic professionalism and a devlishly fun time! That is the perfect combo!!

Ethan aka

What the owner has to say: Freshly armed with a degree in Business Marketing degree, he is ready to jump in and work with the family business. Ethan has done some school shows with us in the past and has a friendly voice on the mic. He will begin doing weddings and more shows this summer. He has an excellent knowledge of music and has been watching the old man do shows for years, so he will be a quick study as he gets his feet wet.

Tyler aka
What Tyler has to say: A Mad City vet and bred from a family of 12, Tyler "T-Bone" Kleven grew up with many influences. The early 90's was a time when Hip-hop was thriving in its early emergence stage and artists such as Tupac, Bone Thugs, KRS-1, and The Fugees played a big part in shaping the artist and DJ we know today as T-Bone. I began playing Piano at the age of 6, pounding out drum tracks in 7th grade, and began writing and engineering come High School. I picked up DJing by accident at parties I went to, and karaoke nights he attended. I was complemented by many who said I knew how to keep a party live, and was even asked by some local DJs if I would want to help co-host their shows. Eventually I came in contact with High Energy DJs (obviously) and began turning casual events into all out bashes. I love music because, as I say jokingly, "Its the one thing my parents couldn't ground me from. They could take away my TV, my skateboard, my computer, but they could never take away my creativity." It wasn't until 2 years after graduating High School that I became completely serious with the music business and attended Madison Media Institute, where I received training by professionals in the field. I am now a recent graduate and a Certified Pro Tools Operator working with High Energy DJs, Higher Education Records, and DCNY-Pro.

What the owner has to say: Tyler was hired in 2011 and brings an enthusiatic approach to High Energy DJs as a graduate from Madison Media Institute. He owns his own production studio at a young age and aspires to do great things in the field of music and we are glad he chose High Energy as his vehicle to grow on the entertainment side of his career. He is our most requested entertainer for school shows, and is quickly moving up the charts on the wedding side of our business. Tyler obviously enjoys what he does and that comes across in all of his efforts. You will be happy you got a chance to meet T-Bone.

Steve aka
What Steve has to say: WHAT'S UP, PEOPLE?! I am Steve, or as most call me "Scuba". The girl in my photo is my fiancé (or if you are looking at this later in the year, my wife). I have been involved with music ever since I can remember. It all started with my family and I singing Elvis & Neil Diamond in the car during long road trips. I do enjoy all forms of music, but find myself more interested in Classic Rock and anything from the 90's to now. I have worked in a few different radio stations in Wisconsin over the past few years. Some people have told me that i had a voice and face for that profession. I even took a year to learn some entertainment values from the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World. I am great at making a fool of myself (which can help re-direct pressure off you)! By making fun of myself… and some gentle poking at some people in attendance… you can be sure that you will be laughing and smiling while I am around. I can make you sing like you're in the shower, drink like you're 21, and dance like no one is watching

What the owner has to say: We welcomed Steve to High Energy in 2011. He has a great sounding voice and is very professional about making sure your day is exactly as you want it to be. He is always focused on taking care of the important guests first, that's YOU!! Steve "gets it", very much! Steve has become quickly one of more requested DJs because of his understanding that it is YOUR day and he does it YOUR way. A great ambassador of the High Energy way.

Matt aka DJ Slip

What the owner has to say: Matt starts his 3rd season with us in 2016 and has been a tremendous asset to our company. He is one of our more requested DJs for school shows and does an outstanding job at interacting with the kids. He runs a production company on his own and those skills have proven quite valuable as well. He brings an enthusiastic and energetic approach to his weddings that have drawn great reviews from clients the past couple of years. Matt is a fun, young dude that is ready to make your party one to remember.

Wild Bill

Bob aka DJ Po
What Bob has to say: I had 5 years mobile DJ experience, took some years off before coming to High Energy DJ. I’ve done weddings, corporate and holiday parties, anniversaries, graduations, festivals, fund raisers, and car shows. In 5 years I have never missed a show, show up early and stay late. I work full time, and have many years in the emergency public safety field, and working race track crash/safety teams. Running emergency calls for help, making life and death decisions, risking my life at times makes we want to have fun in my DJ work. I’m not just a ‘record spinner’. I believe in communications with the customer, mingling and interacting with the crowd, playing genres of music to enable all guests to enjoy themselves, and have fun. I crowd watch to see what the crowd responds to, and to get a feel for types of music they respond to.

What the owner has to say: We are more than excited to have Bob come to us for 2018. Having worked for a company I know very well, I know that his training is excellent and after talking to him for 5 minutes, I KNEW he was perfect for High Energy Djs. Sometimes in life you just get lucky and finding Bob was a fortunate break for us here at High Energy. If you are looking for a professional, fun, complete DJ - then Bob is your guy!!

DJ Kels

What the owner has to say: Kelsie comes to us in the Spring of 2018. With an outgoing personality groomed from her days as a bartender, she is looking to bring her fun "take no crap" approach to working with the public into the entertainment biz. She is fun, energetic, and looking for a change and we are happy to have her on board. Welcome Kelsie!!

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